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August 1, 2010
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Yiazmat by Scelatio Yiazmat by Scelatio
Most EPIC, most BEAUTIFUL and most HEAVY Final Fantasy XII boss :la:
Love this dragon *___*
He is awesome and gorgeous)))
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brynhildr13 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It took my sister 3 straight days to beat it!! XD
EV90 Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW!!!!!!!!It's fantastic!!!! *.* ahhahaha your draw remember me three things:
1 An EVA that break an angel's AT Field
2 The Lagunarock!!!!
3 The scene in FFVIII when the Lagunarock enter into the Lunatic Pandora XD
I just beat him yesterday (it's my second try -- but took days or maybe weeks as I came back some hours every few days, lol).

I have to say I kinda despised Yiazmat before I beat him (Like, okay I had a bad strategy -- as at first, I just thought to test a fight with him, but I endured until 4 or 3 millions of his HP left. But there, I was stuck with reviving my party members; what with him growing more deadly than before. Upset, I left the game for days). :XD:

I changed strategy, and after I vanquished him, I felt like I just won a great battle. Feel so proud~ haha. :XD:
In the end though, looking back at it, it's a real fun thing to fight Yiazmat. :) Makes me wanna try again. XD
(Gotta love Infuse, Berserk, Reverse, Decoy and Dark Matter. :XD:)

The only thing's left for me is Omega Mark XII. Not too thrilled to try him as I really hate the Great Crystal with passion. >_< (The maps are confusing me).
Scelatio Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And thanks for the fave ^__^
Scelatio Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First time i've fought him without any guides or strategies. I just come to colosseum, find this HUGE thing with 50 HP bars and turn around, running as far as i can :D
Then, after some hours of grind, i returned to beat this guy. Maaan, it took about a hour to clear one bar... And then i thinked, maybe it would be a better idea to retreat and heal a bit. And i run away, healed all my party... So Yiazmat do.
And then... I forget about him until i reached level 90-99 for all group members =)

And congratulations to you! Achievment unlocked, well done)))

Omega is much more easier... And faster for sure) Reverse is the key =)
I only stood for three minutes top in my first try. :XD: Came again after leveling up, and basically just using Reverse as my main 'weapon' (no strategies whatsoever) until I chopped off 46-ish million of its HP (I even spent two million gil because Reverse needed to be casted over and over -- this battle's also an excuse to waste those unneeded gil actually. :XD:)

The last fight before I beat him, I was in 12th stage -- that's how much times I ran away to the save crystal to 'take a breath'. :XD:
Yeah, pissed me off greatly when I saw him healing itself quite rapidly after I ran away. =_= That's why I ran out of Ridorana Cataract altogether; boarded the Strahl and went to Westernsand usually to revive and buff my party again. (Just in case it'd heal itself too if I stayed in Ridorana crystal too long. >_<)

Thing would be much easier for us all if there's some accessory or armor that grant Reverse status, yes? haha. But seriously Bravery + Haste + Infuse + Berserk + Masamune on Vaan/Balthier/Basch speed the battle real quickly~ The amount of combos they made with Infuse were amazing. :D

lol thanks~~~ :D

Really, here I thought Omega's harder than Yiazmat. :XD: *I just hate Great Crystal that much, :XD:) Maybe I'll give it a shot later.

You're welcome. :) I see this as a reminder that I've fought Yiazmat and won~ :XD:
Lachoneus Jan 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
Love the detail. Great job!
I despise this creature with all of my being.
SophiaDeSagara Jan 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
Oh... *Челюсть на полу* я не смогу так тщательно подойти к делу.
Scelatio Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Годы практики в рисовании мелких деталей :D
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